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This Machine Kills Fascists Skateboard

This skateboard graphic is inspired by the words Woody Guthrie painted on his guitar in the 1940s as a protest against fascism. This is not a statement of violence, but one of free expression.

8.38” x 32.5”, 14.25” wheelbase. White screen printed graphic on black painted 100% maple deck. Deck made in the USA. Sold without trucks and wheels.

The copy reads:

When used properly, this product may cause: freedom of speech, creativity, killer art, finding your voice, speaking truth to power, dissent, awesomeness, freedom of expression, individuality, fearlessness, ending war, saving the planet, questioning authority, dangerous ideas, making people uncomfortable, activism, giving a fuck, not giving a fuck, being heard, thinking different, kicking ass, taking names, breaking the mold, challenging the status quo, starting a movement, starting a band, rebellion, breaking the rules, changing the game, flipping the tables, leveling the playing field, a point of view, a rush of adrenaline, protest, pissing off the man, truth, justice, revolution, political and social change, resistance, standing up, speaking out, a more perfect union, righting wrongs, exposing hypocrisy, raging against the machine, mobilizing the masses, making a difference, subversion, getting the word out, raising awareness, taking action, and changing the world.

  • This machine kills fascists skateboard
  • This machine kills fascists skateboard detail
  • This machine kills fascists skateboard detail
  • This machine kills fascists skateboard detail