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Handcrafted Skateboards

We recently made a set of hand-made skateboards. We are inspired by classic board shapes that we rode in the 80s and the stripe style graphics of 1960s surfboards.

We ordered blanks from Skatepaige and got to work. We designed two basic shapes each with a pointed nose variation. Once we had designs we liked, we made templates out of some card stock and traced the designs on to the blanks.

The boards were cut out on a bandsaw and the edges were finished with a combination of a disc sander, drum sander and hand sanding. The designs were taped off with automotive pinstriping tape and painted with spray paint. Five coats of water-based polyurethane brings out the natural beauty of the unpainted wood.

  • Finished hand-made skateboards
  • Skateboard shape templates
  • Shape transferred to blank
  • Cut out shape
  • Skateboard taped for painting
  • Finished skateboard seafoam and white
  • Finished skateboard with red stripes
  • Finished skateboard with blue stripes
  • Finished skateboard with yellow stripes
  • Finished skateboard with orange stripes